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LED lighting permeability gradually promoting industrial scale up to 500 billion

      Thanks to government support, plus China's huge market potential, a growing number of international LED giant began turning to China, have adjust the strategy to layout in China, the industry transferring to China, develop the Chinese market.Chinese companies are in a big rush to the LED industry, especially the traditional domestic manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, also in the traditional lamps and lanterns of large capacity and long-term accumulation of production experience to move quickly to the LED lighting products.

     At present, the LED lighting products production and application of scale in maqun owns power saving over the three gorges power generation around the world.To speed up the integrated into the global economic and social development, science and technology innovation support supply side structural reform, to lead the industry in high-end.In 2015, the Chinese LED market size is 396.7 billion yuan, including chip 13 billion yuan, the encapsulation of 64.2 billion yuan, the application of 319.5 billion yuan.LED industry belongs to the typical driving upstream downstream, LED lighting industry scale up to 500 billion, 2016, the future will promote the vigorous development of the industry as a whole LED lighting application.


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