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LED lighting products are exported to details Shenzhen exports tops

     In April 2017, according to prospectie database data, LED lighting products in our country exports for a total of 1.722 billion us dollars, up 8.6% from a year earlier, rose 49.3%.In general, front four months of this year's export market continues the stable growth in 2016 as a whole.

     From the point of industry centrally, April LED lighting products export mainly concentrated in the south China region of origin and jiangsu and zhejiang area.Among them, the top three areas exports are ningbo, shenzhen, guangzhou and export amount and proportion respectively for $508 million (29.5%), $290 million (16.8%) and $143 million (8.3%).

     In recent years, with the recovery of global economy and the development of LED industry in China, more and more enterprises set sail abroad, LED lighting export enterprise competition is increasingly fierce.But at present our country enterprise brand construction is still inadequate, mostly through branded, multi-layer agent, cross-border electricity discrete form of exports, a serious shortage of brand in the international market share, with rising labor costs, the future of LED enterprises in the international expansion, need to change train of thought, by the "output" to "brand output".


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