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Intelligent street lamp Big data era important entrance of the city

     Wisdom lighting, more is a concept applied in urban public lighting.Advanced communication technology, it is to point to by the street lamps and other urban public lighting system of remote control and management, is an important part of urban construction of wisdom.The green energy-saving LED lighting combined with city intelligent lighting, there is no doubt that can adapt to the wisdom of the low carbon, environmental protection requirements of the city.LED lighting system can be based on the Internet will people, space and lighting intelligently, and not just the remote control and energy saving.

     And this is just the wisdom lighting as the first step to wisdom city contribution, "wisdom" is also the word contains far more than that.Professional personage points out, the wisdom of the 21st century city, is the ability to use information and communication technology to sensor, analysis, integration of city core system running in all kinds of key information, and including the people's livelihood, environmental protection, public security, urban services, industrial and commercial activities, such as various requirements to make intelligent response.We can find that, the key information about the city operation is a very important part of it.To integrate the comprehensive and useful information, about the original big in the city operation data is indispensable.And found in all corners of the city of intelligent lighting system, just can become a collector of city big data.


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